This blog analyzes different industries and trends within the world of tech startups, as I explore them in my work @ Canaan Partners

I’m hoping to share interesting observations I’m seeing in the technology startup and investing world. More importantly, I am looking to use writing as a way to start thoughtful discussions with people who share similar interests, be it technology, startups, or venture capital.

I’m looking to do a post every other month or so. If that all sounds good to you, sign up below and you’ll get all posts I write delivered straight to your inbox!

A little bit about me

I’m originally from Chicago (suburbs), but have traded in freezing winters for the consistent of the Bay Area. I currently work at Canaan Partners, a venture capital firm, where I spend a large portion of my time looking at enterprise software (SaaS, devtools, etc) and frontier tech (robotics, AI, etc).

Always looking for new ideas to explore, so feel free to reach out directly with any feedback or suggestions!

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